Founded in 1998 to specialize in and provide XML/DITA Information Architecture and Component Content Management System (CCMS) services.

Since 2012, A-Jour Net has managed using Agile development methodologies and focused on DITA content architectures.

With over 24 years experience in XML/DITA and Component Content Management (CCM) technical consulting, development, and support, A-Jour Net is uniquely positioned to provide real-world solutions to content technology problems.

A-Jour Net led the transformation of the content space for HPI in the definition, implementation, and support of centralized Content Management, Classification, and Delivery services, supporting tens of thousands of DITA content and multimedia objects, English and translations, resulting in over 800,000 per day content views and 4.5 million per day content requests over 39 languages.

A-Jour Net has a proven track record of business results enabling cost savings of 40%-80% and cycle time reductions of 30%-50%. A system defined, implemented and supported by A-Jour Net resulted in over $130M in total savings for the customer.

À-Jour [a jhur] : (French)

1 : extending up to the present time :
including the latest information

2 : abreast of the times

Net ['net] :

1 : an open-meshed fabric twisted, knotted, or woven together at regular intervals

2 : an entrapping device or situation

3: a group of communications (bis) operating in unity

Resources Available (February 2024)

  • Technical Consulting
  • Information and CCMS Architecture
  • Application Development / Maintenance
  • Operations Support / Training