Technical Consulting
  • XML/DITA structured documentation and technical writing
  • Component Content Management (CCM)
  • XML/XSL/DITA-OT publication / rendition
  • Localization transform and processes
XML/DITA Information Architecture
  • Content and format analysis
  • Content models and associated business rules
  • Content reuse strategies and technologies
  • Content categorization and metadata
Project Management / Business Analysis
  • Agile project and development management
  • Project scope, objectives and milestones
  • Business requirements and deliverables
  • Project plans and communications
  • Risk mitigation and contingency planning
Operations Support / Training
  • Day-to-day business user support
  • Issue / enhancement request validation and characterization
  • Support documentation creation
  • Business communication strategy
  • User training curriculum and materials
  • Content conversion tools and processes
Solution Development and Maintenance
  • DTD/XML Schema
  • XML/DITA authoring tools and environment
  • CCM repository and infrastructure
  • Output composition and XML/XSL/DITA-OT rendition environment
  • Application development / customization and development tools / methodologies