Content Management Architect

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Assisted in deployment and testing of system integration from SDL Knowledge Center to a Dezide Intelligent troubleshooting deployment
  • Defined and tested translation system and process integration from SDL Knowledge Center to a company internal SDL Translation Management System (TMS)
  • Developed and maintained SDL LiveContent (now called SDL Knowledge Center) CCMS business configurations, including workflow
  • Assisted in testing an XML schema integration with a FontoDITA authoring environment
  • Tested and provided detailed feedback on a Stilo Migrate-based utility to convert detailed product specifications content from MS Word documents to DITA maps and topics
  • Participated in Solution and User Acceptance Testing (SAT and UAT) within SDL LiveContent Architect for the new Technical Support CCMS implementation
  • Tested and provided evaluation feedback in a CCMS vendor proof-of-concept with Vasont and SDL LiveContent as part of a tool selection process
  • Participated in a CCMS tool vendor RFI process involving product demos, vendor response review and evaluation for the following vendors: Vasont, SDL LiveContent, Astoria, IxiaSoft, and Empolis
  • Debugged and isolated user performance issues then drove corrective actions to resolve them, encompassing Citrix application, Vasont configuration, Vasont server-based Java processing and Oracle database issues
  • Developed and maintained Vasont CCMS business configurations, including content preview