Content Management Architect

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Assisted in the architecture design for an XML -> DITA, DITA <-> PostreSQL database, and DITA -> original XML pilot project in order to prove out DITA-OT transform, topic content management and database integration concepts.
  • Analyzed, designed and implemented enhancements to the Support Domain data model including but not limited to Product Number node extensions as well as a new Diagnostic Object construct.
  • Defined the requirements and designed the implementation of a delivery capability from SDL Tridion Docs to an S3 AWS file server (file delivery) and its related Elastic Search instance (metadata indexing) for PDF files and their associated metadata
  • Analyzed, designed, defined requirements, including created user stories, and drove implementation of RWS (previously SDL) Tridion Docs and Dynamic Delivery (DXD) enhancements including but not limited to Publication optimization, Automation extensions, Framework extensions, Integration add-ons, and Authoring enhancements
  • Created test data and tested the system integration of SDL Tridion Docs with the SDL Universal Delivery Platform (UDP), now called Dynamic Experience Delivery (DXD)
  • Analyzed, identified requirements and defined the metadata model necessary to support dynamic delivery of next generation DITA content objects via SDL UDP
  • Assisted in deployment and testing of system integration from SDL Knowledge Center to a Dezide Intelligent troubleshooting deployment
  • Defined and tested translation system and process integration from SDL Knowledge Center to a company internal SDL Translation Management System (TMS)
  • Developed and maintained SDL LiveContent (now called SDL Knowledge Center) CCMS business configurations, including workflow