Information Architect

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Identified requirements and defined a DITA content model for Service content including Error Description and Resolution information for a strategic product within the HPI Printer product group
  • Defined an XML-to-XML mapping and its associated transform for the feed of Product Specification information from the source Marketing organization to the Support organization
  • Conducted analysis and designed a DITA content model for detailed product datasheet documents (called QuickSpecs) for the move from an unstructured MS Word-based process to a structured topic-based process for HP Global Marketing
  • Designed and coded an XML Schema for product data and marketing content, including Technical Specifications and Messaging
  • Assisted in the design and implementation of a DITA 1.2 content model to move from a document-based paradigm to a topic-based paradigm for HP Technical Support
  • Defined the information and content management architecture for a DITA proof-of-concept (POC) for the lead PC and Printer divisions at HP as well as coded the DTD specializations / constraints
  • Initiated the DITA content model effort for a Video Script / Caption content type
  • Designed the information and content management architecture for the fifth generation (R5) of the Cheetah system, including content model and Vasont architecture changes necessary to incorporate digital asset management - static images and multimedia files, conditional content as well as integrated publication controls
  • Analyzed and created functional specifications for an XHTML output type that enabled business-customizable deliverables via CSS and JavaScript controls