DITA / XML Information Architect

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Represented the Smartlogic Semaphore based taxonomy definition and implementation into the next generation DITA CCMS program and deliverables.
  • Analyzed, designed, defined requirements, including created user stories, and drove implementation of Unified Content Model (UCM) enhancements including but not limited to Extended Links (Relationship tables), Extended Search Info (Schema.org microdata), Exploded View Graphics (SVG imagemap), Hub Links (Publication resolution of links), and Diagnostic Object Links (Embedded diagnostic support).
  • Designed a video link abstraction model so that the appropriate streaming platform, player and metrics application are generated upon content rendition based on language and disclosure level
  • Analyzed, identified requirements and defined the next generation DITA content model, called Unified Content Model, for HPI Technical Product information-Support, Service, Troubleshooting and Learning Product information, for all HPI product groups
  • Represented the next generation DITA content model into the go-forward, long-term SmartLogic Semaphore based taxonomy definition and implementation
  • Identified requirements and defined a DITA content model for Service content including Error Description and Resolution information for a strategic product within the HPI Printer product group
  • Defined an XML-to-XML mapping and its associated transform for the feed of Product Specification information from the source Marketing organization to the Support organization
  • Conducted analysis and designed a DITA content model for detailed product datasheet documents (called QuickSpecs) for the move from an unstructured MS Word-based process to a structured topic-based process for HP Global Marketing
  • Designed and coded an XML Schema for product data and marketing content, including Technical Specifications and Messaging