Business Analyst

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Assisted in on-boarding of diverse technical writing organizations as well as integrations with various downstream publishing partners/platforms
  • Drove requirements and implementation of a DITA Map output from the InfoShare DITA-OT publication path to RWS UDP
  • Led analysis, requirements definition and user story creation for the new XHTML5 Help output type in the next generation CCM solution, including DITA-OT 3.x TOC.JS, Index and Lucene Search capabilities; XHTML5 Help replaces CHM and 4-5 business-specific Help Systems
  • Defined and led implementation of the HPI DITA-OT environment of the next generation CCM solution; the environment is built upon industry plugins including DITA-OT 3.x, PDF based upon Antenna House PDF-ML / L18N library, XHTML5 based upon DITA4Publishers HTML5 and DITA-OT 3.x XHTML, ePub based on DITA4Publishers EPUB, and presentation format based on XHTML5 and Revel.JS
  • Identified and drove implementation of a Business Configurable architecture in an XML-to-XML transform to allow the user to define changes in the transform without needing additional work from the development team
  • Defined and led implementation of customizations to the DITA-OT XHTML and PDF output types for a significant sales pursuit opportunity for HP
  • Led analysis, requirements definition and user story creation for two new output types; XML Paper Specification (XPS) and Microsoft Editable (RTF)
  • Analyzed structure, linking, reuse and categorization requirements for HP Support content in the HP PPS organization, including the How to, Troubleshooting-Error Messages, Issue/Solution, Product Specification, Driver Text, Release Notes, and Advisory content types