Senior Project Management

Key Projects/Responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the Modelling sub-team of the CCM solution definition and implementation project for HPI Service information, including the DITA content model and associated SDL Knowledge Center metadata model
  • Drove the analysis and development of a DITA content model for the HP GCC Support organization within the context of a new Enterprise Content Management (ECM) implementation program
  • Led the development of a DITA 1.2 end-to-end proof-of-concept, including authoring, content management and rendition, for targeted HP product division Tech Doc organizations and users
  • Oversaw the development of social media usability and reporting enhancements to the end-user video players (JavaScript and Flash) for the HP Support content organization
  • Managed the project to merge the Cheetah system with two other major internal CCM systems (called the Cheetah ESSN Merge project); one based on Vasont using the DocBook schema, the other based on Author-it
  • Directed the cross-functional XSLT/Java and Vasont project team using a Scrum-like Agile development process and managed it using RallyDev as the Application lifecycle management (ALM) tool
  • Recruited and managed HP employees, A-Jour Net, Inc. employees and independent contractors for project teams, including the Cheetah development, business support and training teams
  • Performed new user and advanced topic trainings for English content developers, localizers and documentation project managers
  • Recruited and trained XSLT/Java developers in a Costa Rica near-shore development team