Our Solutions

Transform your content space in the definition, implementation and support of centralized Content Management, Classification, and Delivery Services.

Design and implement best in class DITA/XML component content management:
  • Enable single-sourcing and leveraging of content so that it is reused across products and across output types.

  • Automate rendition and delivery of content into required deliverables and publishing platforms.

  • Enable multi-destination content through topic-based processes and content models.

Our Results

  • "Our newly written content for product features has a 99% translation reuse rate and an 81% zero-cost translation rate - very high for the industry". Results are over 500 products, 100+ countries, and 40 languages.

  • Average content cost per product, including English development as well as translation, decreased by 63%.

  • Annual budget went from over $10M for 300 products to $6.6M for 500 products, this is a budget reduction of 40% with a production increase of 66%, this is 270% cost efficiency.

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